Expanding your Medical Office Practice

November 3rd, 2017 Posted by Industry Insights 0 thoughts on “Expanding your Medical Office Practice”

How to Increase Revenue

HealthGrowth Capital is invested in your success and wants your business to succeed. Here are a few tips that may help you expand your existing practice while you are contemplating an expansion.

Curb appeal? By adding attractive landscaping and by keeping your sidewalks clear of clutter and debris, you are already advertising pride in your business.  Also, making the waiting area comfortable and inviting can help ease frustrations of wait times.

Social MediaYou can engage your patients online by having an interactive website that provides test results online through a patient portal. By using Social Media and online technology your patients will be engaged in numerous ways. An interactive website, weekly articles on health tips, YouTube videos of your office, and booking online appointments, to name a few.

Offer Patient Education Classes. People in your community may be interested in a wellness approach to their own health. The more you engage your patients the more comfortable they become with you as their doctor. And that means they are more likely to refer others for your services.

Reduce wait times. Patient feedback states that long wait times compels them to search elsewhere for a Doctor. Patient satisfaction can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Improving patient satisfaction begins by making them feel comfortable and like they really matter. That is a direct result of taking care of your clinical staff. Supporting your clinical staff with the proper resources creates a smooth flow in the office.

Embrace Medicare. The Baby Boomer population is aging out and Medicare will be used by millions of people.

Buy rather than rent. Paying rent works well temporarily, but owning your business building is a better investment. Do you rent the space used for your practice? Do you dream of owning your own office? By far, the smartest investment you can make is by owning the space/building your practice is located. HealthGrowth Capital can help you get all of the pieces in place to make your dream a reality!

These are just a few tips that may increase your revenue. HealthGrowth Capital is there for your business needs and wants you to succeed so when you are ready to expand and needs business growth capital, your portfolio shows growth and a smart business plan.

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