HealthGrowth Advisors was created to assist Ophthalmologists finance and improve the operating performance of their businesses.

We have assembled a uniquely qualified group of healthcare finance and operating professionals with expertise in helping Ophthalmic practice owners achieve best-in-class practices, systems, equipment, and technology solutions to meet the complexities, challenges and opportunities that confront them every day.

We specialize in the areas of:

  • Buying and Selling Ophthalmic Practices
  • Business Transformation (Performance Enhancement)
  • New Ophthalmic Practice Start-ups
  • Staffing Optimization
  • New Systems, Treatments and Technologies
  • Financial Services (Operating, Acquisition and Growth Capital)

Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a Ophthalmic Practice?

Whether you’re buying or selling an ophthalmic practice, HealthGrowth Advisors is a uniquely qualified resource. We are much more than transactional brokers. Our team has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs and ophthalmologists achieve their dream of ownership by assisting them in valuing a target practice, negotiating transaction AND transition terms with the seller and arranging the most advantageous acquisition capital available.

When we advise a seller of a practice, we understand the operating nuances of the ophthalmic space and can help build a plan that values and positions each practice to maximize the ultimate sales-price achieved.

As advisors and lenders to ophthalmologists, we have a huge network of industry professionals and partners who work with us as we help our customers – as buyers or sellers.  We focus on service and delivering a quick, successful transition of ownership.

Are You Starting Up a New Ophthalmic Practice?

The process of starting-up a new practice can be daunting. The rigors of navigating the regulatory, compliance and payor complexities is a challenge when you’re working to execute your business plan, marketing your new business and managing patients and operations of a growing practice.

As one of the leading lenders to ophthalmologists, we have a unique understanding of all aspects of your business. HealthGrowth partners with best in class resources that can help you achieve success with your start-up.

Don’t start-up a practice without the experts at HealthGrowth Advisors as your partner.  We will help you build a solid foundation on which to build a successful business for years to come.

Do You Need Help With Staffing?

Payroll is an important element of every ophthalmic practice. Surprisingly, very few physicians manage this detail effectively.  Even when a doctor or office manager is focused on personnel, it is not always easy to know what the right staffing levels are and when and how to add or reduce staff.

HealthGrowth Advisors can help.

Our experts will make sure your staffing matrixes compare favorably with other businesses of your size. We then make recommendations on ways to reduce expenses without impacting service delivery or patient care.  We can also help you to find top quality employees who will positively impact your patients’ experience.

Contact one of our advisors today to talk about how we can help.

Does Your Business Need Working or Growth Capital?

The operating environment for ophthalmologists is constantly changing. Seasonality and economic shifts can delay patient visits and deplete operating funds. Hiring new junior partners, while bringing new growth opportunities, can squeeze cash flow until those opportunities bear fruit. New equipment or facilities (Ambulatory Surgery Centers) can capture additional revenue, but require capital.

HealthGrowth Advisors can help!

We understand today’s business climate and have the expertise to help keep you business properly funded irrespective of the operating environment.  Often that requires working or growth capital.

Talk to our experts about out customized solutions to address your specific needs.

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HealthGrowth Capital provides financing options exclusively tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals who are striving to improve their practices and healthcare businesses in order to deliver a higher level of patient care.
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